No Security Container in the NDS Tree - July 29, 2000

In order to create Key Material Objects (for Proxy Authentication via SSL) for BorderManager, you must have a Certificate Authority set up.

In order to set up a Certificate Authority in your NDS tree, you have to have a Security container directly below the Root object. Normally, a BorderManager installation will create this container during the installation process. The SASI.NLM module is used to create the Security container (on NetWare 5.0), after which (with the proper snapins for NWADMN32) you can create a Certicate Authority object in the Security container.

However... Sometimes the Security container does not get created and you have to run SASI yourself. The problem comes in when you only have NetWare 5.1 servers because Novell did not include SASI.NLM with NetWare 5.1. If you need to create the Security container and do not have a copy of SASI.NLM, you can try (at your own risk) downloading SASI.NLM at the link below.

Put it into the sys:system directory. To run it, first unload NLDAP and SAS, if necessary, then LOAD SASI at the console and follow the prompts. You should then have a Security container.

You can read TID 10013773 which will tell you the same thing, except it just says to copy the file from a NetWare 5.0 server.

Get the NetWare 5.0 version of SASI.NLM by clicking HERE. <--You may need to hold the shift key down when you click on this link.

A similar issue exists with SAS objects showing as ?'s in NWADMN32 on NetWare 5.1 servers. You can get the snapin needed to solve that issue here.

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