SAS Objects Show As ? - August 8, 2000

If you have a NetWare 5.1 server and see SAS objects as ?'s in NWADMN32, it is probably because you do not have the proper snapin for NWADMN32 to display those objects. The snapin you need is called PKISNAP.DLL, but Novell did not include it with NetWare 5.1 (similar to not having the SASI.NLM, which can be found here).

You could download NetWare 5.0 Service Pack 4 to get that one file, but a better use of bandwidth would be to simply download the PKI snapin file from the link below, in ZIP format. (160k). Once you get it, copy it to the sys:public\win32\snapins directory.

You can read TID 10051932 "NW5 Security Object shows up as a question" which just tells you that the file did not come with NetWare 5.1.

Get the NetWare 5.0 version of PKISNAP.DLL by clicking HERE. <--You may need to hold the shift key down when you click on this link.

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